The Great Internet Marketing U-turn

It should come as no surprise to anyone that due to the predominance of Web 2.0 Internet marketing strategies have to change to keep up. It’s now easier than ever before for individuals to link up with other like minded people due to social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

So why should Internet marketers be concerned about the growth of online communities?

The simple fact is that it’s now easy for your customers and potential customers to find each other and share their experiences. The upshot is that if you sell a crappy product or don’t deliver value then loads of potential clients are soon going to hear about it. What will that do for your bottom line?

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Those marketers that “get it” can use this situation to their advantage and let this social explosion spread a very positive message about them to their market place. The ultimate viral marketing opportunity if you like!

So whats this great u-turn then?

Well if you haven’t worked it out for yourself yet its quite straightforward. You must simply stop chasing the money!

Forget about being motivated only by making the sale. Instead you need to be motivated by building relationships and delivering real value. Make your goal one of building a list of willing followers first rather than building a list of customers. By taking this approach you’ll find that sales materialise by themselves. Its an inevitable and unstoppable spin-off!

Build a solid relationship and a strong trust bond with your followers. As a result your conversion rates will be much improved when you eventually reach the point of sale. Marketers who have already made this u-turn describe a situation where their followers are almost clamouring to give them money without them even asking for it.

Unfortunately, many old fashioned business models are still being sold that simply won’t work in this new environment. If you want to build a business for the future then you need to grasp this new method and its opportunities…

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