Equipment Finance – Finance New Or Old Business Equipment

When the requirement to buy new equipment arises, equipment financing is an alternative every industrialist and business owner should consider. There are many aspects that make equipment financing a more useful and attractive options for your company. The choice about the type of financing necessary for new equipment may need some cautious financial analysis of the tax status of your business equipment finance, cash flow and internal rate of return. The main alternative in influential the best financial alternative is the utilization rate of the equipment.

Equipment financing with a lease is frequently a more attractive option than an outright sale. Buying equipment is expensive and causes a huge drain on liquidity especially if you are a start-up or a small business.

Leasing is a method of funding wherein the funds remain in the business rather than being tied up in depreciating assets. It also has normal repayments to meet your cash flow and budgetary requirements over a predetermined time phase. It is a cost effectual option to paying cash, giving you financial suppleness and serving you to address changing technology needs quickly. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the use of equipment in the business which produces profit and not ownership.

Whether it is office equipment, industrial equipment like plant and equipment or software all of it is qualified for equipment finance. By virtue of enhanced purchasing power and flexibility, payments become affordable and you can obtain the best equipment available as well.

Since the helpful life of the equipment is in consonance with the lease term, it eliminates the need for a down payment which means that you get 100% financing for your purchase. It also frees up the capital which can be used for extra working capital which every new or rising business needs. The 100% financing option includes service additions like setting up, preservation, and other services required for your equipment to function correctly. With the lower, fixed-rate payments of an equipment lease, not only are you’re secluded against price rises, but it allows you to financial plan and forecast with greater confidence.

You can use the equipment as much as you require without the hassles of ownership, reduction issues or worrying about equipment becoming obsolete.

However, the most attractive advantage of equipment finance remains the tax advantage where 100% of your lease sum can be deducted as a business expense. Thus it is seen that frequently the piece of equipment being leased is cheaper after taxes than simply buying the item outright with a customary financing option.

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