Advantages Of Using An Internet Marketing Consultant San Jose Wsi Consultant

When establishing, or expanding, a presence on the web, a business owner is likely to find that the modern internet is a little more complex than the ‘net of just ten years ago. In the past, things were a little more straightforward. A well designed website was enough for just about any company offering a decent product or service. Today, you’re competing with everyone under the sun. If you run an antique store, for instance, you can forget being the biggest antique store on the web, or the only antique store in your area on the web. Being web-savvy is no longer an advantage in and of itself, and that’s where internet marketing comes in.

The differences between strategic internet marketing services and basic website design are too numerous to list here, but if we can touch on just a few of the most important distinctions, they would include the following.

Product vs. Service

The old way of looking at things is to think of web design as a product. You buy it once and that’s it. You pay somebody to come in, build your site for you, and then they leave. If you want your site updated, if you want to track how successful it is (or isn’t), good luck, you’re on your own. If you hire a San Jose internet marketing consultant, you get someone who thinks of web-building as a service, not as a product. When you pay a San Jose WSI consultant to help you establish your web presence, they equip you with the knowledge and the system to make the very most of your site, your business well into the future. It’s essentially the difference between giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish.

Landing Page vs. Lead Generator

There are terms that get used in web marketing like “landing page” that mean someone is basically just, well, landing on a page. This is fine if that page is the final destination. If, say, you’re just blogging, then all you really need is to get people to read your page. If you run a business, what you’re looking for is lead generation. You want a site and a marketing campaign that perform beyond simply being present and accounted for. If traditional web design is like a landing strip, then web marketing is like a travel agency, constantly bringing new people in to see what you have to offer.
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